Marc Haefele is making sense

It was a big win for LA Metblogs when they got him. Here he is on the kerfuffle over who's going to pay for the Jacko memorial service:

"For some reason, I recalled the 1980 funeral of Jean Paul Sartre. surely Jackson’s intellectual, if not musical, peer. At least 50,000 people turned out for the Wall Eyed One’s cortege. Did anyone in Paris’ Hotel de Ville gripe about the cost in flics? Or did they even calculate how much those costs were going to be offset by cafe, hotel and Metro revenues? No. A great, and very controversial, public figures had died. The city (and nation) owed him and paid its respects along with the security costs.

Paris was then and is now a city of class. This one, for now, isn’t. But you knew that."

One of the things that bums me out a little about L.A. is that people don't have enough of the sense that they're living in a great world city. Of course part of the point of L.A. is that you can live your life here free from the responsibility of being in a great world city. But the youth of L.A. is ending and I think it is time for us to step up and be as arrogant and provincial as New Yorkers or Parisians.

Assuming we can get the water, that is.

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