Killing it Kade style as I always do

One of my comedy writer friends turned me on to this -- the journal of a guy from Philly and his search for greatness. Actually, he's already found greatness, it's just getting everyone else to recognize it:

My crew’s pregames are always the best because we drink the best alcohol at the best places and get treated like kings, and since we are attending the top events in any town we are in, we discuss our plan of action, and who we want to avoid or sleep with that night. Everyone in Philly always follows our lead, and one person said to me last night, “I just call you to find out where the party is”, which tells me that I am a premiere socialite that everyone wants to gravitate around and enjoy the Arthur Kade experience.
Everyone always asks me what I mean by “Kade Style”, and I don’t know that I can really define it by using words, but I will say it’s the definition of living an amazing life, where you get to experience things and places that most people don’t, and doing it in such an exclusive way that people are jealous, or the smart ones want to join and be part of it.

The big question we have is, is this an Andy Kaufman-like persona or is he actually like this? I used to think the former, but now I gravitate toward the latter, and it is tempting to cite Arthur Kade as the logical conclusion of teaching self-esteem in the schools.

Although I prefer the prose, oher people like the videos on the site. Here's one.

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