Contra Brainiac, I didn't think this Nicholson Baker piece on the Kindle was all that well-written. It reminded me of the old New Yorker, the Mr. Shawn New Yorker, where paragraphs go like this:

There’s no Kindle of Jean Stafford, no Vladimir Nabokov, no “Flaubert’s Parrot,” no “Remains of the Day,” no “Perfume,” by Patrick Suskind, no Bharati Mukherjee, no Margaret Drabble, no Graham Greene except a radio script, no David Leavitt, no Bobbie Ann Mason’s “In Country,” no Pynchon, no Tim O’Brien, no “Swimming-Pool Library,” no Barbara Pym, no Saul Bellow, no Frederick Exley, no “World According to Garp,” no “Catch-22,” no “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” no “Portnoy’s Complaint,” no “Henry and Clara,” no Lorrie Moore, no “Edwin Mullhouse,” no “Clockwork Orange.”
There's also five paragraphs on how he opens the box. He did make me kind of not want the Kindle, though, and make me want an iPhone (since Kindle books read better on them, he says).

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