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Obama’s Refusal to investigate torture tells us that America is a land of men, not laws | Ian Welsh:

"America, fundamentally, is not a nation of laws. It is a nation of men. If you’re important enough, you will not be held responsible for whatever you do—whether that’s lose trillions and destroy the economy, start an illegal war based on lies, or torture. That’s just the way it is. Obama and Bush, between them, have made this point crystal clear."


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Here and here. Money quote:

This isn’t just going to be about employment, though that is going to suck for the forseeable future, and will, in effect, never recover. It is also going to be about real income. Forget the headline CPI, the costs you pay are going to go up faster than your wages (which are probably going to deflate), and your assets are going to deflate. Riptide inflation, which catches you on both the up and downsides.

Real standards of living for median Americans are going to drop. It’s just that simple.

In 4 to 8 years, the Republicans will probably get back in again. They will do stupd things again. By the end of their orgy of looting and warring (which will be even worse than Obama’s) the country is going to be extremely damaged. Right now things could be fixed. They probably won’t be, because Barack Obama has no intention of fixing main street, but they could be. By the time the US gets its next real chance, well, this hole is going to be mighty mighty deep.