Obama and smoking

Here's kind of an amusing Op-Ed from an ex-smoker urging Obama not to quit:

The nation is too precariously balanced right now to risk having him burst into tears, or march off in a snit, or take to his bed with the glums.

It would jangle our already fragile national nerves to hear him smashing things offstage at news conferences. Nor do we want to watch him lose his train of thought and begin absent-mindedly lighting matches just to huff the sulfur and watch them burn.
I share this sentiment; it doesn't matter to me if Obama doesn't quit. If smoking helps him through these four to eight years, well, these are the four to eight years we need him the most.

It's just like sending soldiers off to war. At some level we don't care whether they die -- or don't care enough not to get war-fever.

Besides, the more I read about climate change, the more I think that he's not going to want those extra 20 years in the middle of this century.

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