And while I'm being politically incorrect

I might as well say that I enjoy the LA Times in its current incarnation as a Southern California-centric paper. I find myself reading it more, because I'm more likely to find articles that I can't get from the NY Times or online. Sports has gone long-form too, away from game-recap stories. All these are good things. The reader is starting to feel that the people on the LAT enjoy living in Southern California and no longer care what their colleagues in New York and Washington think.

The opinion page is still atrocious, however. And I'm sure this is just a snapshot -- as the legacy of all the layoffs works its way through the paper I imagine things will get worse and worse. But for right now it's good -- if they had done this years ago they would be...well, probably they'd be in the same predicament, because the Chandlers bailed and then Tribune bailed.

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