A ray of hope

The NHL Network now carries Hockey Night In Canada


Financial Crisis stuff

I just entered my investment prices into Quicken. Oy, and, may I go on to say, vey. Angry Bear (not a bolshie website by any means) says it all for me.


"That one"

I just looked at the old Sitemeter stats and found out people are still coming here (please go read the other project, that's where my energy's going. That and trying to get paying work.), but I will reprint a comment I left at ObWi on "That one": I always think of "that one" in the context of old-timey "Lockhorns"-style married couples. Like, "Me, I like to have an eye-opener in the morning, but that one (POINTS WITH THUMB) says it's bad for the kids to see it."

I've used it, and heard it used, in this joke formation so often in writing rooms, that I was actually shocked to hear McCain say it. Not appalled shocked, more like, "Wow! Somebody actually used it in the wild!"