$350 Million

I forgot to mention that How I Met Your Mother syndicated for 350 million dollars. That doesn't include cable and is only for four years. I consider it good news for us in the Hollywood comedy community if only because it shows how much is still out there in success. "The biggest loser" is not going to make 90+ million dollars a year for you for ten years, like HIMYM could.


Interesting times

I am not qualified to agree with this analysis, but I do.

Come for the climate, stay for the giant Eddie Murphy heads!

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The More You Know

"Studies have shown that in an undeveloped area, half of the rainfall will seep into aquifers with as little as 10 percent making its way to local waterways. However, as more impervious surface is added by development, about 55% of the water will end up in local waterways, while the amount that percolates into the aquifer to replenish it is reduced to as little as 5%."

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Attack in Ottavia Rima

Thanks to my friends at Cogitamus this got up there, but I suppose it belongs here as well.


I want a hero; a man who’s unafraid
To tell the simple truth -- that is, unless
The truth makes me the slightest bit dismayed.
Then I think that lying’s for the best.
Sure, the truth is ticking, like a grenade,
But someone else may come clean up the mess.
For simple truth we have a simple thirst,
But in a pinch, truth second – simple first.

My hero is a maverick, one who roams
Away from everything he ever stood for.
Climate, taxes, torture – Gitmo’s groans
First he could not sanction, then he could, for
You can’t be cute when Karl calls you home.
If principle hurts polling, what’s it good for?
Appeasement of the base he thought a curse,
But if the base holds power? Appeasement first.

My hero’s brand-new Truth is a higher one
Than that which can be taught by education:
He opposes knowledge that inspires one
To seek what’s not been shown by revelation.
Education’s fine, till you acquire one.
Then you’re not fit to lead this holy nation.
Evil elites let dogma be reversed
In face of facts. Facts second - theory first.

And what will he do? (Thinks.) Well, he hates pork --
Unless the pork is meant for DOD --
His party hates cosmopolites, so New York
With all its gays can sink into the sea.
(Which now seems likely – you can stick a fork
In energy not flamed from Texas Tea.)
While lobbyists feed, feed though bubbles burst
And we eat shit they label “Country First.”


Our increasingly shitty world: it's just a phase

Some guy named Kurt Cobb:

By looking at the fossil fuel age this way, we need not judge it as either good or bad. I often think that the burden of criticizing or defending our current society on moral grounds uses up considerable energy that might be used to imagine and construct a new society that will be viable during a period of contraction. I'm afraid it is not moral arguments that will cause people to ready themselves for such a contraction, but circumstances themselves. (I confess that I must take some of the responsibility for the excessive moralizing.)

To the extent that we can accept that industrial civilization is neither a mistake nor the highest and best arrangement of human affairs that will ever be, but rather has unfolded as one would expect through the interactions of social creatures who seek maximum energy, we can turn our energies to managing a transition to the next phase of civilization.

There is considerable talk about creating sustainable societies, that is, societies that can last for an indefinite period without either exhausting their resources or fatally disturbing the natural processes upon which they depend. But if Odum is correct about the pulsing nature of complex systems, then we can expect to do no such thing. Instead, humans will be continually called upon to adapt to dynamic resizings of their scope during phases of both expansion and contraction.

Often we confuse what is good with what is permanent. Permanence somehow conveys an innate moral rightness to us. But there are many things which we value which are inherently ephemeral--the bloom on a rose, the flight of a bird, the excitement of success, the exhilaration of falling in love. Do we value these things any less because they do not last? No, we value them all the more. But, we learn to go on to the next task in life, looking to meet our needs and attentive to the possibilities of pleasure and pain in every circumstance.
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Daily Show

I've seen a lot of different stuff from last week, but this was my favorite and I hadn't seen it:

But he didn't

From Bob Woodward's book, viaThe New Republic:

"Powell left quietly as he had come, alone. Baker turned to Panetta and said solemnly, 'He's the one guy who could have perhaps prevented this from happening.'"


This'll take your mind off the election.


Screw the Arclight!

It's the small indignities that drive you nuts.


Old Nonesuch Records

I am not a musicologist, or a musician even, but thisDial "M" for Musicology post made me nostalgic for my parents record of C.P.E. Bach flute sonatas. I also liked this quote:

It is true that listening to new things is more challenging and that repetition is most likely a sign of a less mature listening practice, but there are times when only the familiar will get you through.

What defines a Christian most? Ressentiment, apparently

Beliefnet's (!) Rod Dreher: "In truth, as much as I like Palin, especially for the enemies she's made..."



I think what the Obama campaign means to say is everything she says is a lie including the "and" and the "the".

UPDATE: Sullivan says, "I'm not sure that Google is the 'liberal establishment.'"


Vin Scully

One of the many appreciations. One of the reasons he is so great is that he is still allowed to work alone. I believe that radio guys should work alone, to build intimacy in that most intimate of mediums, and you can have TV guys in the booth.