Bacon whiskey?

I would by dying to know if anyone ever tried this.:

"To make 750ml of bacon whiskey, cook about 1/2 pound of bacon. Make sure to get some really nice bacon, don't go for the bargain stuff here. Once the bacon is thoroughly cooked, set it aside. You can eat it later. Collect the fat drippings and combine with 750ml of good quality whiskey. I used a blend of Jim Beam Rye and H's Eagle Rare Bourbon. Let the bacon fat infuse the whiskey for 48 hours. Then put the infusion in the freezer for 30 minutes to solidify the fat. Remove the bacon fat from the whiskey and filter well to remove any fat that remains."


austin_killer_007 said...

what about putting the whole cooked bacon instead only the bacon fat oil.

Jack Rhodius said...

This is from Epic Meal Time on youtube.