A new double-dactyl

Get out the flamethrower!
Liberty City's
Virtual denizens
Give righties a shock.

But they have their own
Killing is O.K.
If it's in Iraq.


Cleaning Out My Net News Wire

I kind of like the Grove too. Only there' s nothing much to buy there.

More annals of capitalism.

• I think Kunstler can be hysterical (as in, someone with hysteria), but I do agree that "there's an equally eerie vibe out there that things are seriously out-of-whack. We're on the edge of something."


Drinking note from all over

I made this the other night, and I recommend it highly, although the next time I'm leaving out the sugar and just letting the creme de cassis do its work.

Creme de cassis is one of those bottles that just pile up in the back of the liquor cabinet, so I am glad to find so delightful a way to use it. If only someone could find a way to deplete the ouzo (I'll know that times are really tough when I am forced to drink the ouzo.)

Worst nightmares

As a little boy in Catholic school I was taught that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. So wouldn't a martyr-reduction program actually be Hamas's worst nightmare?

Same goes for Cuba. They'd be capitalists right now if we let them have access to our system.


William Shakespeare on "Why I Am A Democrat"

I'm going to try to post more here, honestly, at least once a day, even if I have to steal from the other blog, as I'm doing today. It's a passage I saw in yesterday's reading of King Lear:

Through tatter’d clothes great vices do appear;
Robes and furr’d gowns hide all. Plate sins with gold,
And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks;
Arm it in rags, a pigmy’s straw does pierce it.
The rich get off, in other words, says Lear, while the poor get ground down. Of course there are those who say that Lear was crazy...


Have another donut, you fat pig

Reading that the media gave McCain donuts makes me want to go all Jim Schonefeld on their ass:


Let's do it

Playoffs really begin today.

(image via Eyes on the Prize, who point out, "If Jesus thought there was anything wrong with this photo, he would not have posed for it, or signed a contract with the Montreal Canadiens.")

Another good Habs blog is A Theory of Ice.


Annals of capitalism, race to the bottom edition


In a working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Analysis, prepared for a conference to be held next week at Cambridge University, Mr. Kane assigned some of the blame for the current credit crisis to international regulatory competition, in which national regulators, fearful of seeing business go overseas, dared not be too tough.... Ever since the Great Depression, the government has tried to limit the leverage available to the public in the American stock market. But regulators, led by Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, thought innovation would be hampered, and financial activity driven overseas, if there were any attempts to impose limits on leverage in the unregulated markets.

What caused the lack of regulation? Competitiveness. The invisible hand is slapping us!


Sartorial note

While driving around running errands I saw a friend of mine walking down the street (yes, in L.A. Shut up). He was wearing jeans and I have to say he was failing to rock them. And I could only imagine how unrocking I am in jeans. Middle-aged guys should be careful about the jeans.

And I wonder if the decline of the suit in the workplace has something to do with the general de-middleage-ifying of everything. Suits are clothes designed so that middle-aged guys can look good in them.



My damn writing partner turned me on to this:

And I'm trying to get it out of my head by putting it in yours. What I like about it is that the whole series is summarized in the first six words. Keep watching anyway, though!


Lets play two today

Inspired by this post (and my comment there), I decided to work every major league team into the lyrics of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It".

God help me, here goes:

Cubs do it, Sox do it,
Even Bible-thumping Rox do it,
Lets do it
Lets play two today

Rays do it, Jays do it,
Cards in their rebuilding phase do it,
Lets do it
Lets play two today

Do the Bucs, to empty stands, do it?
We'll just take it on faith.
In L.A., Dodger fans do it,
But they're gone by the eighth.

M's do it, O's do it,
A's and ex-Expos do it,
Lets do it,
Lets play two today

The Rangers -- worst in the West -- do it,
The Padres when they're feeling blessed do it,
Mets do it
Lets play two today

Giants with good vibes do it
Not to mention the Fins.
Why ask if the Tribe do it?
Watch them take on the Twins.

H-town's struggling 'Stros do it,
SoCal's hard-to-place Halos do it,
Lets do it
Lets play two today.

Royals in KC do it,
D'backs blasting the AC do it,
Reds do it,
Lets play two today.

Down south, Atlanta Braves do it,
To a tomahawk beat.
Detroit Tigers, to big raves, do it --
Just don't park on the street.

In New York, gold-plated Yanks do it,
Phillies -- those ill-fated cranks -- do it,
Lets do it,
Lets play two today!