You know what city sucks to live in? Paris.

At least, according to Forbes, according to this bloggingLA post. Why does Paris suck? High taxes, says Forbes. (LA is the 7th most miserable city in the country.)

I question any system where Panama City, Florida can possibly score points ahead Paris on any scale except access to barbecue.


Chuck said...

It's true Paris just sucks -- what with the beauty, superb food, unrivaled culture, excellent public transit, high degree of safety -- who could live in this hell hole?

Similarly, New York -- no one wants to fucking live there either. That's why it costs a million bucks to buy a one bedroom apartment there. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, it's so crowded, no one wants to live there anymore.

Chuck said...

That's Sir Charles to left wing riff raff like yourselves.