Today's rage

Brought to you by Sir Charles:

"You know there is something that sticks in my craw when some privileged tenured clown, an overly credentialed jackanapes who lifts nothing heavier than a cup of coffee every day, opines about the net negative that unions present to our society. Try fucking working for a living assclown and then tell working people that unions don't help them. And what the hell, maybe try doing a little research on the growth rates attained in the U.S. in the 1950s and 60s, the period of greatest union density in our history, where real wages skyrocketed and inequality diminished. Just spare us this bullshit 1920s economics dressed up in modern globalization gobbledygook."

Why, Sir Charles, how earthy!

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Sir Charles said...

Well thank you. Sometimes the truth must be expressed in a pungent fashion, no?

I appreciate the link.