Strike: Who Needs Writers

So here, and elsewhere (I saw it on LA Observed, too), they're talking about how the unscripted programming is doing better than the scripted programming, particularly on NBC.

I don't doubt it. A lot of these scripted shows suck. And a sucky scripted show is worse than a sucky unscripted show.

The only point I can make in my craft's defense is that a good scripted show can make millions and millions for years to come. They're still making money off of Gilligan's Island. Or Friends.

A different point is that it's not the writers' fault if NBC puts on crap. (I mean, it is the writer's fault, but not because he/she's a bad writer generally, just one who got rolled by the notes.) It's the fault of the gatekeepers. The individual Knicks lose the games, but we all know that the fault really lies with Isiah Thomas for thinking these guys would make a brilliant team.

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