Stewart/Colbert -- late review

Shit, tonight's shows are probably on by now, but I thought I would add my two cents.

The Daily Show reminded me of a Lakers game where Kobe scores 65 and the Lakers almost lose. There's no doubt that the man can create for himself, but you kept wanting to edit stuff here and there, to get off one joke and on to another. I also thought, Man, he's going to get very tired of doing this after awhile. Obviously his opening segments will probably be shorter than last night's, but still.

I was surprised by how jazzed! Colbert was, but then that's the character and he did receive a long ovation. (I think it's un-PC to go to one of these shows under strike conditions, by the way -- the hosts have to cross that line, but you don't, audience dude.) He might last longer before giving out, because that character has such a clear point of view and besides, he can just watch O'Reilly to get his rough drafts. But he's going to get tired too. Those daily shows are a grind under the best of circumstances.

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