Schwarzenegger Bullshit Watch, It Had To Happen Edition


"Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock recalls a meeting with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger one year ago. The veteran Thousand Oaks lawmaker tried to warn the governor that he was traipsing down the same deficit trail as his recalled predecessor.

In fact, McClintock cautioned, Schwarzenegger's path was even more risky than that of Gray Davis.

McClintock showed the governor a chart he had drawn. It illustrated that spending under Davis had increased an average of 7% a year. Under Schwarzenegger, it was climbing at a 10% rate. Similarly, he pointed out, the deficit -- the billions being spent over the revenue coming in -- was larger than under Davis.

According to McClintock, the governor replied: 'That is bad news that people don't want to hear. People want to hear only good news. I don't want to hear pessimism. I'm an optimist.'"

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