Politics note: People Like Nerds

Here's Slate on why Hillary won: "In town-hall meetings, she answered question after question for hours and finally made herself accessible to the press." I know it's a commonplace that the public is interested in policy and the stupid press is interested in the horse race, but it doesn't mean it's not still true. IIRC Clinton (B.) would always have these three-hour State of the Union addresses, and then the blowhards would come on and talk about what a disaster it was, and then his poll numbers would go up. Of course Clinton (B.) was uniquely gifted in making policy talk seem like it mattered to you -- he "could put the hay down where the goats could get at it," as some Arkansas politician once said of him.

I myself prefer hay to hope, and I like wonky pissed-off Hillary more than grand-themes Hillary, and if we can get Obama to come down from 30,000 feet and talk about thin-film solar then this should be good.

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