LA: The Loneliest Starbucks In The World

I'm a little too dense to understand what Frank Gehry is talking about in this post -- I'd need a map -- but here in the Civic Center park, across from the Music Center but difficult of access, is the loneliest Starbucks I have ever seen. I'm sure it's jammed at like 8:50 am with government workers at the hideously ugly courthouse on the right there, but if you go at 10 am, as I have once or twice, it's just this little coffee stand in this big empty park in the middle of a huge city. Crazy.

The civic center park also has this over-the-top women-in-stiff-hairdo-drinking-brandy-alexanders 60s-era fountain in the middle of it, which this photo doesn't do justice:

It's dedicated to some bureaucrat, as I recall, which somehow seems LA.

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