Eli Manning, antiquer

I am shocked that this article has not received more attention in the sports snarkosphere :

"Over the years, the antique shops on Magazine Street in New Orleans became as familiar to Manning as his childhood home. He returned to them for pieces to decorate his college apartment at Ole Miss, as well as the apartment in Hoboken, N.J., where he lives during the football season. It is a hobby he has passed on to his fianc�e, Abby McGrew, who now joins him when he browses for antiques during the off-season."
He likes antiques -- it's almost too easy. But I'll bite:

1. Now we know why he didn't want to play in San Diego, unless he has a fondness for mid-century modern stuff, that's the only thing there's a lot of here.

2. In contrast, New Orleans, as a formerly rich place now in decline, has compost-like richness for the antique shopper.

3. And that's why I hope Eli is shopping Upstate and not New England (where they overcharge tourists).

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't pimp Glenn Eichler's great piece about the magical grasp of antiques.

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