Why I don't blog more

Not that I'm refreshingly original or anything, but I don't want to write things like this:

ESPN - Chaos doesn't legitimize ignorance or stupidity of flawed systemt: "There will be those who say the unpredictability of this season and of the BCS is what made college football so compelling in 2007. I'd say the BCS is what made this season so embarrassing."
First of all, observe the "Some say/I'd say" structure, without which sports pages could not function. But, really, who's embarrassed here, and in front of whom? I mean, I love college football -- it has the palpable tang of corruption, like a nice cheese -- but I just don't see why this ramshackle BCS structure is kind of a disgrace.

You know who's a disgrace? You are. Because you want a clear-cut champion. You're not willing to live with the ambiguity and uncertainty of the world as it is -- you have to impose your pissant playoff structure on its polymorphous perversity.

Some would say you're a simple minded child. I say you're a sportswriter.

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