The War on Christmas: What You Can Do

Some conservative tropes I get, like the War on Terror -- I mean, Al Qaeda did destroy two huge skyscrapers, so it's not like the terror threat is non-existent, even if it's not existential. But the existence of the War on Christmas I don't get.

First of all, as I said at Yglesias's place, Christians ought to be rooting for the War on Christmas -- see Luke 6:22. The Christianity of the Gospels is an outsider force -- being esteemed by the government or society at large is a trifle Pharasitical, I think.

But also I wish they'd adduce some actual evidence for the war beside "Happy Holidays" and no creches (graven images, remember) on public squares. I mean, I'd adduce KOST playing soppy Xmas music from the beginning from November as undermining the sacred character of the holiday and making it collapse from within, but that's not what I think the partisans of the war (or "War") are driving at.

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