The very idea!

This image is from the AMPTP site (the real one). This, I guess, is their whole justification for not negotiating -- it's wrong for writers to make as much as doctors. Not so wrong for executives: it's natural for executives to make as much or more than doctors. But writers? Surely we can all agree that writers should be making 0.6doctorincome at most. We don't even do any of that color-coded filing shit.

I always suspected that the studio intransigence comes from those guys being pissed off that writers' kids went to the same schools as their kids, and this just proves it.

P.S. -- note the "working" part. The whole reason we're fighting for residuals is for when we're not working, dumbass. That guy in the picture may be a doctor, but he doesn't have a lot of common sense.

Late P.P.S. -- and of course the contract doesn't even set salaries. It sets script minimums. Salaries are set by the marketplace -- the studios themselves. So they object to the living you can make doing this purely on objective grounds.

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