Strike effect?


"According to an article in Mediaweek, “NBC has quietly begun reimbursing advertisers for fourth-quarter prime-time ratings shortfalls, averaging about $500,000 per advertiser, according to media buyers, marking the first time in years a network has taken such a step to compensate marketers for ratings deficiencies.”
My favorite quote, though, is this:
Laura Caraccioli-Davis, an executive vice president at Starcom Entertainment, which specializes in entertainment marketing, told MediaWeek that she and her colleagues were trying to understand NBC’s recent programming moves.
Honey, I've pitched to them for four years straight -- nobody understands what they're doing.

ALSO WILL THE NEW YORK TIMES PLEASE STOP REFERRING TO THE WRITERS GUILD AS "SCREENWRITERS"? It's as if I were to call people who write for the Times "novelists".

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