Recycled showrunners

A commenter over at Yglesiastalks about consultants:

"It's like coaching - as long as you have run a campaign in the past, they will throw money your way."
But not only consultants and coaches are like that -- showrunners are also. If you've run a show, the studios think you Have What It Takes to run another show, irrespective of 1) results (not fully in a showrunner's control) 2) whether he got the most out of the people he had (totally in his control -- and it is almost always a he, too). In fact, there's no quality control at all as far as I can see, which is funny because these studio executives seem more like business people than showbiz people, so you'd think they would at least be good at business-school stuff like evaluating administrative talent.

Note that I'm not saying all showrunners are bad. I've worked for people who are quite extraordinary. It's just that there's no system in place as far as I can see to identify who would be good at it, and I've also worked for people who were terrible (you'd think they'd know who they are, but they don't).

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