Now that's a saint

Today is St. Nicholas's day, and here's a highlight from his legend:

"Indeed, even as an unweaned infant, he fasted regularly on Wednesdays and Fridays...."

See? I bet you didn't have what it took as an infant. That's why you'll never be a saint. Also:

Pictures of Nicholas often show three bags of gold next to him, and often these bags have become simply three disks or balls. Nicholas became the patron of an Italian city (I think Bari, which is where his body is now buried) that was a center of the pawnbroking business, and hence a pawnbroking shop traditionally advertises by displaying three gold balls over its front. It is thought that some persons looking at pictures of Nicholas confused the three round objects with human heads. Hence there is a story of a wicked innkeeper who murdered three boys and salted their bodies to serve to his guests, to save on the butcher's bill. Nicholas visited the inn and confronted the innkeeper, who confessed his crime, whereupon Nicholas prayed over the brine-tub and the three boys leaped out unharmed.

Brine for everybody on the feast of St. Nicholas!

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