A crank speaks

And I use the term with love -- I prefer a certain kind of crank, someone who doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks of him/her -- although they often don't mind being seen as someone who doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks of him/her. But people take offense at self-created personae too much nowadays. To me, it adds spice to life -- not enough people have a fondness for spats, say, or a conviction that we are on the last days of the world we know. I am in the former camp (not that I wear spats, I just have a fondness for people who do.) And Stirling Newberry is in the latter:

There will come a point where military conflict will be used by those others to evict the United States from the privileged position of having 6% of the world's population and using 25% of the world's oil. That day is coming and the question now is how many millions of people will die when it arrives. Americans have declined, and will in 2008 decline again, to do anything to stop the arrival of a real world war, to replace this fake made for cable one. There aren't many any chances left. This same was true in the 1840's and 1920's. The real instability is yet to arrive.

When it does arrive there will be several islamic states with atomic weapons and the means to deliver them. They will, as the underdogs in the conflict, have the ability politically to use these weapons, perhaps assymetrically, to bring down an order that they do not need. New York City and London are simply too tempting as targets, and the counter attack against the oil fields would destroy what we need. The arabs do not need our financial centers for much longer, we will need the oil in such a conflict.

There is at this point nothing that will be done about this.
And also:
2004 was the most important election in your lifetime. 2008 is the least important election in your lifetime. Nothing is going to be decide. Nothing. After that? Change is possible, because the pain may well be enough.
Don't read the whole thing, because Stirling Newberry's gift is not for compression. Then there's CIP:

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