So my copy of Entertainment Weekly comes

and naturally they've got their lead on the writers' strike. The pictures in the lead spread are:

• Tina Fey, with some kind of crazy come-hither look on her face. It's not quite come-hither, though. I don't even know how the hell to describe it. Anyway, Tina Fey.
• Julia Louis-Dreyfus, shouting.
• And the back of a writer. How would the people in Entertainment Weekly react if they saw the face of a writer? Although now that I pose that question, good call, EW. You don't want to lose votes in the heartland by showing them the face of our (frequently rootless-cosmopolitan, or urban, or just snotty in general) guild.

Also note: no disrespect to T. Fey, who is obviously an awesome writer, or J. Louis-Dreyfus, who I saw today at the rally just standing in some shade like a regular person. And in fact SAG has been great. I've heard some sneering about how these stars are only doing it to get on TV, and maybe there's some truth in it, but there's more truth in this: when you work on a TV show (as opposed to a movie), the actors and writers get to know each other. And there is team spirit. It's mostly TV stars out there, partly because the movie stars are still working, but also because the TV stars have seen us bust our ass for them (as they have for us, frequently bailing us out with excellent acting on our off-days). Good on you, SAG. It's okay that your random members come to my line with their hair done.

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