The rally

was awesome, by the way. I've been working out here a long time, and I saw people from every show I've worked on, and then some. Even actors from shows I've worked on. I didn't hear any speeches or anything, I was too busy schmoozing -- but that did as much for my morale as any speech. Even the bitterest, most cynical people I know are determined and ready for a long haul. It was quite inspiring and fun.

When things go well in this business, we have the greatest jobs in the world. But the more we allow the studios to disrespect us financially, the more we'll be disrespected creatively. And the jobs will start to suck. I'm perfectly willing to make a money-for-freedom trade -- that's what it is to work on a cable show. But I want to share in success. That's all we're asking.

Plus, there were free bagels and coffee from William Morris.

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