Our methods

I was writing a big long post about various strike criticisms and abandoned it. Not just because I was as usual sick of my writing; but also I felt myself getting in the weeds a little bit. This is what I get for thinking too hard about stuff left in a comments section.

However, let me pull out one little thing: that our striking methods aren't sufficiently badass, what with the kids and the gays and the people playing guitar. To that I say: we can only be who we are. And we are people in the entertainment business. We're all looking at our finances and getting scared. We all realize that the crew people are also out of work (although not if they work on movies, not yet). We all realize -- well, most of us do -- that fighting for our fair share is going to move the Social Justice meter* a little less than janitors getting their fair share. But we're in the entertainment business. We deranged our personalities to be this way.

And besides, the Teamsters are the only people who we can really keep from crossing, and that's going to happen even if the "line" consists of two wispy guitar dudes. Although if the Teamster happened to run over the dudes' guitars while backing up, that wouldn't be a tragedy at all.

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