I'm starting to get nervous about some of this strike shit

I was at the WGA building today, loading stuff up on the vans for tomorrow's picketing. And I learned that there are chants. You know, like "What do we want? [Insert demand] When do we want it? Now."

Oh no. On the other hand one must do something to pass the time, and I'm sure none of us know the "Internationale".

Otherwise it feels weird. For us, the tribe of writers, this is a borderline-existential confrontation, and yet the rest of the world -- while hearing about it because, what the hell, it's entertainment news -- could give a shit. So, although I feel a little apocalyptic, I think that the rhetoric isn't really justified except when I am among my own. So I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

"Hey, hey, ho, ho/Overheated rhetoric has got to go."

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