About the fires

Nothing much to add, really, except for the ashy dusty feeling my mouth gets when I go outside. Except to note that it's interesting that this column, on California's ungovernability, comes out the same week of the fires (case in point: this WSJ story about how San Diegans refused to pass a tax to pay for more firefighting equipment.

The demographics -- more and more people, basically -- and climate change point to more and more technocratic government as a solution: government setting the rules for the market so people can't just build anywhere and put whatever they like in their gas tanks and use water however the hell they want. They're going to have to live in society like civilized people.

UPDATE: White ash all over my car this morning. I'm 25 miles from the nearest fire, in Malibu, 30 miles from the Castiac fires. No weird light today, though.

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