The Ballad of Matt and Ezra

Sort of based on this post. The dynamic of two people together, one of whom is way more popular than the other, is always funny to me, I guess because if I didn't think it was funny I couldn't have gotten through high school.

Oh, and it's to be continued if I find the time to continue it. Sorry.

Yglesias and Ezra Klein
Went out one night to buy some wine
Got to their local liquor store
(Guarded by a meth-mouthed whore)
Where fluorescents flashing gas
Flickers off the plexiglass

The proprietor of the place was churlish
Till he saw Ezra. Then, he girlish-
-Ly squealed: “OMG, I know that face!
A leading blogger’s in my place!
In back I’ve got a special treat!”
“But Matt? – “ “Your hanger-on can cool his feet.”

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