The Ballad of Matt and Ezra (2)

I was out of town dropping the kid off at sleepaway camp (his first one, he's looking forward to it, Mrs. D and I are terrified). Here's some more stanzas:

So Ezra shrugs, and Ezra goes
And Matt remains with meth-mouthed hos
Feeling sick (and looking sicker
In that wan fluorescent flicker).
But it's no cheeseball liquor shack
When Ezra enters the room in back.

Of its swank words cannot speak.
Its paneling's endangered teak,
Hot waitresses keep oysters iced,
And of-the-moment chanteuse Feist
Goes mouth agape when she sees Ez:
"My favorite blogger's here!" she says.

Gilbert Arenas turns at this
And grabs our Ezra by the wrist.
Ez starts to fawn, but Gil demurs:
"My swag is but .8 of yours.
I'm paid to ball, but you're the player.
Come, fill us in on single-payer."

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