I'm just going to take a moment, a precious moment on this earth, to apologize for being a lousy blogger. The truth is that I have been wrapped up in my little cable show (not even mine), as well as this pilot I'm trying to get together. I just can't make myself march into my office after that and write the light verse, and we are all losers because of that, and I'm sorry.

I also note that my spelling seems to deteriorate after a couple of drinks, which is a sign I'm getting old, I guess. Thank god they have tools for that nowadays.

Two other things:

1. Free partisan joke: "The Republicans' idea of alternative energy is burning witches." Written it out like that, it looks totally hacky now. But I actually enjoyed it when I thought of it.

2. Last night the Family Delicious went to see Free Shakespeare in Barnsdall Park (itself a rather underrated nice thing about LA). Recommended.

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