LA Semipretention

How come the big nonprofit theater group in LA spells "Center" with an "er" but "Theatre" with an "re"?



I'm just going to take a moment, a precious moment on this earth, to apologize for being a lousy blogger. The truth is that I have been wrapped up in my little cable show (not even mine), as well as this pilot I'm trying to get together. I just can't make myself march into my office after that and write the light verse, and we are all losers because of that, and I'm sorry.

I also note that my spelling seems to deteriorate after a couple of drinks, which is a sign I'm getting old, I guess. Thank god they have tools for that nowadays.

Two other things:

1. Free partisan joke: "The Republicans' idea of alternative energy is burning witches." Written it out like that, it looks totally hacky now. But I actually enjoyed it when I thought of it.

2. Last night the Family Delicious went to see Free Shakespeare in Barnsdall Park (itself a rather underrated nice thing about LA). Recommended.


Return of the double dactyl!

Fuck all y'all
Alberto Gonzales
Under his lying
Delivering truth:

"You don't have the balls for
So we'll treat the law
Like Bonds treated Ruth."


Why not just call it "SIRIUS Scoundrel"?

Rick Perlstein on Sirius politics:

"The liberal channel is called 'SIRIUS Left.'
The conservative channel is called 'SIRIUS Patriot.'"



Hey, did we really sign up for everything in the Senate to be passed by a three-fifths majority? (Although we know how much the Framers loved three-fifths.) That's why I'm 100% in favor of this. Make them actually fillibuster! Nobody looks better than when they're opposing the majority! Plus, it would be fun to watch, and isn't that what our government ought to be about -- fun!




Halberstam's piece is especially useful for deconstructing the Truman Analogy, by which true believers continue to find hope in Bush's entrenched approval ratings, his "bold" doctrinal pronouncements regarding freedom, and his oversight of an inconclusive and increasingly unpopular war. The logical pattern here is familiar. Just as many contemporary conservatives profess their love for a civil rights movement they most certainly would have opposed in its day, Bush and friends genuflect at the altar of Harry, even as they behave in a way that most closely resembles Truman's bitterest foes.

You know what else made Truman special? He listened to striped-pants effete State Department types like this man


Let me play Devil's Advocate:

The Devil is great.

LA Bigots of Anaheim

So, I see by the bus ads that Arte Moreno's radio station -- the one that substitutes the Angels logo for the "A" in "AM" -- is big on Michael Savage.

Yes, the Michael Savage who enjoys bashing your immigrants and your gays.

I wonder what Arte, or the Angels, or Major League Baseball for that matter, have against these groups.


The return of the Schwarzenegger Bullshit Watch!

This time it's only global warming.

President Cheney

I was about to say that it couldn't be any worse than what we have now, but then I remembered war with Iran. However, I do think Cheney the President, the guy who has to be the embodiment of policy, in the public eye (even to the limited and Potemkiny extent that Bush is in the public eye), might be a different cat. He can't hide in his man-sized safe. He has to come out and blink in the sunlight.

All this is by way of saying that impeaching Bush wouldn't be the end of the world. On the other hand, war with Iran, so maybe it would be.

Good to be big

I agree withAllan Muir here:

"A sport needs its marquee franchises to be marquee franchises. Is it any wonder that interest in hockey dwindled last year as four of the Original Six --Boston, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto -- were hitting the links when the playoffs got under way?"
I've always thought this is true in baseball too. Why shouldn't the playing field tilt toward the big markets, where more people are? New York has like a zillion hard-core baseball fans; why shouldn't those guys be rewarded a little more than the hundred thousand or so fans in Kansas City? I mean, I get bored with the Yankees' constant success too, so there has to be some principle of freshening; but in general, I say, let's limit the athletic socialism, shall we?


Today's double dactyl

Boom go the fireworks
U.S. of America
Held self-evident truths
For a cent'ry or two:

But nothing was ever like
Islamofascism --
So ideals must be beaten
Red white & blue.