TV note: In which I finally have an opinion about The Sopranos

I never really watched the Sopranos, because I just cannot commit to hour-long shows*, but it occurs to me that no one has made a connection between the fuck-you-audience-these-are-not-nice-people ending of The Sopranos, and the fuck-you-audience-these-are-not-nice-people ending of Seinfeld. And Larry David and David Chase both seem cut from the same difficult New York cloth.

I actually liked the Seinfeld finale, because finales are impossible anyway, so putting your characters in jail is as good an ending as ever. And I thought it was a great antidote to the "How will we live without these loveable characters" kind of hype that surrounded the run-up to the show's ending.

I also suspect (or project) that the two Davids have a similar attitude toward TV in general: that good TV is great, yet TV as a whole is kind of evil, and people who over-like TV are probably barking up the wrong tree.

*The only hour shows I think I have ever watched regularly are Rockford (in reruns, late night in college), and The Tudors, which was magnificently awful, but hypnotic, almost "Meeting of Minds"-like, for the fan of the period. I take Wolcott's enjoyment of the show as the pose of a contrarian dandy (which is a good thing).

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