Great moments in fake blogging

You may think this fake blog for some downtown LA lofts is lame, but I think it is fantastic:

As I cruise the hallways of the prestigious Milbank Real Estate offices located in close proximately to one of their newest developments, The Roosevelt Lofts located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, I can't help but feel like I want to share all of the inner secrets of construction, and permitting, and progress associated with the project.
I've written a ton of awkward sentences here, but nothing like that. Who on earth really wants to share the inner secrets of permitting? I think there is a great -- no, a prestigious saga to be written in this voice.

(Via Blogdowntown.)

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The Roosevelt said...

Thanks for the feedback, and I hope you've seen our evolution to find our voice. OK, so we had one cornball sidestep, which we hope has been countered by some positive forward progress.

Heck, we've made a few friends lately!

Keep your eye on us, and tell it like it is. We love it that way.