Cleaning out my net news wire.

• Hey, it's one of my pet peeves: Everyone in public life -- certainly every actor -- needs voice lessons. Talented young actors with untrained voices bug me the most. Learn to use all your tools, people!

• A discussion of Ken Dryden's The Game. You'd think that I, a pretentious Canadiens fan, would like it, but I've never cottoned to it: Mr. Dryden approaches hockey as if it were a painful duty. That was some fucking great team though; and I do appreciate Dryden's appreciation of Guy Lapointe.

This is why I like Stoat. There's no denying climate change, or how serious it could be, just a bit of skepticism that it's going to End The World As We Know It. I find that reassuring, although I still wonder how we are going to get water here in LA in 20 years.

• Great interview with the dude who runs LACMA. Sample quote:

I don’t think philanthropy is a weird word, but you’ll find people will only use the word investment. They don’t like the idea of just giving away things. But on the other hand, a lot of people invest in their museums and in their cities on that level, I think largely for themselves. I mean for their sense of self, because your sense of self is that you come from and inhabit a great city. And they contribute to it so that they can share in the pleasure of it.
LA's not quite there yet -- I wish people would wake up and feel like they're living in the greatest city in the world. That requires, as noted, a certain amount of civic identity. But I think it is coming, and will come. That's what makes LA so fascinating in a way that New York, which has finished its project and is now doing revisions, can't be.

• From Dial M for Musicology
Frankly, I still like to listen this way, to care this hard about music I hear to the point of tearing off slices with my teeth. Perhaps this accounts for my impatience with concert hall behavior—sitting as if in church, enduring the performance, and at the end applauding oneself for having attended.
Emphasis added for emphasis. You see this a lot at the theater too -- people rooting for their money.

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