The Last Days of Kevin Reilly

From the LAT:

NBC Universal top executives were negotiating with NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly on Sunday to terminate his three-year contract, which he signed in March, said company insiders who asked not to be named because the situation is fluid.

The management shake-up comes after months of rising tensions between Reilly and his New York bosses. NBC finished the season last week in fourth place in the prime-time ratings, a disappointment for the one-time leader...

The friction came to a head last week when Reilly learned that NBC Universal Chief Jeff Zucker was interviewing potential candidates to take over network programming, said two people close to the talks.

Reilly asked to be let out of his contract, prompting the Memorial Day weekend negotiations.
Well. On the one hand, Kevin Reilly is the guy who passed on my pilot, so this sad outcome is only to be expected. On the other hand, I wonder if Kevin Reilly is the main problem over there. Who's making the final call when they bring the pilots to New York in the spring -- Zucker or Reilly? It would be interesting to know. On the third hand, they spent a shitload of money on their comedy development this spring -- I think they bought about 50 scripts -- and they wound up with nothing on the schedule. That's not so great, either.

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