It feels unfashionable to be optimistic, possibly because when you hang out with comedy writers everything comes -1 peg. But it's grey and rainy in L.A., which I love, and let's greet the weather with a smile and be optimistic about hockey in the Sunbelt markets:

"Hockey is growing in the U.S., despite every effort to kill it, and despite the heaps of scorn piled on each new market south of the 49th since its inception. We have Lord Stanley. We're growing, hockey's staying, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Kids from Texas, Tennessee and California are playing Division I college hockey. The Kings recently promoted the NHL's first North Carolina native. And with local heroes to emulate, this trend can only improve."
I think it's probably too late for Nashville, though, unless they move them to the Southeast -- Nashville should be playing teams in ACC and SEC markets, not Big Ten markets. Move Pittsburgh to the Central to accomplish this if you have to. Or move Pittsburgh to K.C. and then to the Central.

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