A note on that Fox News comedy show

I read a post here and then went and watched it. Not much to add, except a Joel Surnow-related thing: this show is more fodder for my thesis that if drama and comedy writers switched jobs, you'd see that the half-hours had gotten noticeably shittier than the hours.

(CAVEAT -- The hours would have gotten shittier too, mostly because of the poor attention span that got us into comedy in the first place. Also, in 24, we'd probably make Kiefer Sutherland wink to the camera or some such, thereby ruining the Suspense.)

UPDATE -- I also think it has shitty canned laughter. Memo to Surnow: get the good canned laughter -- from that guy at Radford who has that box he won't let you see. He's the one who has the laughs that sound like their trailing off, like real laughs.

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