Noah's ark

So I'm at church today and the preacher quotes somebody saying, "The Church is like Noah's Ark. When you see how bad it is outside, you don't mind the smell inside so much."

I liked the simile. And I thought, There's all sorts of creative metaphorical work being done by Christians that you never hear about unless you go to church. And then I thought, you could say the same thing about hip-hop, which I don't know anything about anymore. Basically America is filled with enormously creative subcultures living under the shadow of Two and a Half Men.

And then later I realized, this simile is why some (some? most?) religious people will never vote for Democrats, no matter how many gay men Giuliani is proved to have bunked with. Democrats are part of the storm outside the ark. Giuliani, or any Republican, is part of the smell inside. They'll stay inside, thank you very much.

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