Mixology Monday

I have to confess that I haven't reviewed the full roundup yet. But the topic is whisk(e)y, so what can go wrong?

UPDATE: here's an interesting-looking one -- and it requires apple juice, so it's perfect for parents of small children! An interesting graf from this post ("If Our Language Was Whiskey"):

He filled both glasses with freshly chipped ice. In traditional Japanese bars the barman works with an ice pick to produce pieces of ice individualized for each drink. They will carve a single snowball sized rock for a scotch on the rocks, smaller shards for highball type drinks, and so on. All this is done with ice so cold it is dry to the touch. It is a world away from the soggy machine ice you find in most bars. When I take people to Constellation they are amazed at how long the ice cubes take to melt. After filling the glasses with ice Mr. Jin began stirring one glass with spoon, thoroughly chilling the glass. He poured the melted ice out of that glass and refilled with more ice before adding whiskey to both glasses, thoroughly stirring the first glass and giving the second a perfunctory stir, adding a little more ice to both glasses and finally topping them up with water.

The taste difference between the two drinks was enormous, and the thoroughly chilled one was very good. That drink totally changed my ideas about Japanese whiskey, and about drinking whiskey with water. These days I think that whiskey needs a few drops of water to bring out the full flavor.
I find this to be true as well.

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