Les Glorieux

I don't really believe this, but I would like to believe that I do:

"We are the Archimedean point of hockey, we are the center that holds. Giving up is for other places. Fans in Nashville and Tampa give up. The Hawks might be invisible in Chicago, the Capitals may play to empty seats in DC, the Penguins may yet be driven to Kansas. Other teams come and go, move to different cities, change their colors and their uniforms. The League as a whole might be consumed in a black pit of indifference. That is all very far away from us, here, on this small island. Our Montreal Canadiens were here before there was ever such a thing as the NHL, and one feels as though they will always be here, no matter how bad the season, no matter what upstarts might manage to pull off a few moments of glory at their expense. Time, ultimately, is on our side, and we are among the very few who can look forward and backward with equal confidence."
And also, see earlier in the same post:
[Scene: 12ish in the 3rd, a penalty is whistled for no apparent reason.]

J: I don’t get it, what’s the call?

E: They called the Senators for BEING A BUNCH OF CHEAP WHORES.

J: I thought you liked the Sens?


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