Cleaning out my net news wire...

...I can't load my picture of the late Gump Worsley edition:

This reminds me of coming home from college, and why I have a prejudice against buses to this day.

• Via View From A Loft,, the paper in New York City! weighs in on Grand Avenue. My kids take lessons at Colburn which is catty corner from Disney Hall, and I can confirm that it's dead there. I'm not sure another Project will liven it up, either. Maybe Angels Flight will help connect the downtown-Charlotte like expanse of Grand with the actual city.

• However, everything seems tiny and worthless in light of this. (Shard of good news here.) I used to think we -- and by "we" I mean civilization, plus Alabama -- would muddle through the climate crisis. We'd suffer some losses, yes, but we'd emerge on the other side with a different, perhaps better, civilization. Now I tend to think most of us are toast.

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