I keep thinking I will write to Digby and offer to buy him a burger at the Corner on Ocean Park since that's where his P.O. Box is. (Or Gary's, which I secretly like better. But you can drink beer at the Corner.) And I'm again picking up what he's laying down lately. In this here post he makes the following point:

I would actually posit that the real problem is the liberal punditocrisy which reflexively rejects anything that is tainted by its association with grassroots populist sentiment.
I have two thoughts.

1) What could be more grassroots populist than the phrase "I would actually posit"? Nothing. None more populist. Maybe, "I would aver," but that's about it.

2) The Democratic Party is successful when it's in touch with the street. That has been true since Tammany and even before. Even if the street is a Wal-Mart parking lot, the Democrats have to represent that street or they have no reason to exist. Accordingly, the liberal punditocracy exists to serve the streetwise Democratic party, not the other way round. FDR was in the same class as the pundits of his day, but he knew that Jim Farley et al. were buttering his bread, and that the Brain Trust was there to be used post-bread-buttering. Whatever else you can say about Kos, he gets it (perhaps because he's a veteran, another form of street wisdom).

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