So many votes, so few people who care

Real work and a visit from my parents will force radio silence for a time, but I thought I'd share my ballot before I go:

Governor: Angelides. I'm not too enthusiastic about it. And Schwarzenegger's such a good bullshit artist (really like W.J. Clinton) that I don't think he'll make a conservative mis-step again. But four years of business writing regulations...I don't like it.

Other state offices: Whatever. Probably the Democrat. Haven't I voted for Garamendi for like twelve different offices already?

Senator: Todd Chretien, the Green. Partly because I'm in a French-Canadian mood, partly because I think the loony left deserves a little more play, but mostly because I don't like voting sitting Senators third terms. That's just one of my bizarre sets of political principles.

Props: Yes to the Prop 1 series, except for 1A, because I don't like voters determining the tax code. That's what a legislature is for. In my Tory way, I dislike initiatives in general: Hence no to 86 (tobacco tax, plus I dislike anti-tobaccoism), and, yes, 87. I'm tempted to vote for 87, and might change my mind at the booth, but ultimately, even though I'm in favor of raising the gas tax, I think the money should have gone either in A) the general fund or B) to offset the Vehicle License Fee. Yes on 89, though; if we can get some of the money out of the campaigns I can watch the World Series in peace.

The LA propositions require more research (=cursory research). I'm inclined to vote "no," though. I'm always inclined to vote "no."

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