Sitcom food

I can, from long experience, assure the reader that this is true, except that there is also sometimes ice cream. Remember Jim Broadbent in "Bullets Over Broadway"? That's what we turn into.

I once worked on a hit show, and a friend of mine came on staff after having been on a succession of non-hits. At our first table read, he took one look at the craft service table and said, "Now I know I'm on a hit." (There were cupcakes, I think, at 10 in the morning.)

Actually the food isn't as plentiful as it used to be back in the day, and now the studio nickel-and-dimes you, like they won't pay for writers' meals in pre-production -- unless, again, you're on a hit. It's not unreasonable, really. But some studios won't pay for Starbucks runs -- for God's sake, that's a drug we need to write!

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