Politics is depressing

It is inherently useless for me to blog about politics, but usually I like it. Today it's depressing. This depresses me. This depresses me too, but not as much, because it's also pretty brilliant:

Three TPM readers have reported a phone scam with a double whammy. The call purports to be for John Hall, the Democratic challenger, but makes negative assertions about Hall. If the caller hangs up, they are called again and again, as many as seven times, according to one report.

So either the recipient hears a negative message about Hall, or they think Hall is harrassing them with repeated phone calls. Either way it's a win for Hall's opponent, Republican incumbent Sue Kelly.

This, basically the first step to exit visas, is also depressing and a little scary:
The Department of Homeland Security has proposed that airlines and cruise ships be required to get individual permission (”clearance”) from the DHS for each individual passenger on all flights to, from, or via the U.S.
Try fleeing to Canada now, Alec Baldwin!

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