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This man is unhinged. He's unhinged because he thinks big-time college football, with the BCS and everything, is unfair. The BCS makes college football unfair? I much prefer college football to the NFL, but, like a fine cheese, its consumption is made more palatable because of the air of corruption.

Besides, college football is entertaining and stuff, but do your really need to know who the best football team is? I suppose you do, if you are:

1) a car dealer in Tallahassee, Florida, or
2) 19 years old.

And, in either case, drunk. Honestly, now: wouldn't a playoff system be boring? Isn't the Final Four kind of boring? (It's only the first two rounds of that tournament that are interesting.)

• Speaking of aesthetics, I direct the sports fan's attention to this book. From the review:

Gumbrecht rails against political and sociological interpretations: "Counter to many academic (and highly incompetent) "readings" of sports, athletic competitions do not express anything, and therefore do not offer anything to read." ...Gumbrecht traces this reluctance to praise sports to the Enlightenment legacy of criticism: a "reduction in the range of permissible discourses" that makes praise (especially of sports) not just unfashionable, but a reversion to pre-enlightenment intellectual values. So in addition to developing an aesthetic of sport, "In praise of athletic beauty" is a critique of class privilege in declaring what may be claimed in the name of "culture" or "art"... His goal is to "lay open the complexity of sports" as a music critic does with music.
I'm down.

• Speaking of highly incompetent readings of sport, Peter King wakes up and smells the triple-latte:
The NFL on TV is one giant commercial interrupted by football.

Sweetheart, get me rewrite!

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