Climate: so crazy it just might work department

If I were a rich dude I could hire someone to read this post by the Engineer-Poet and tell me whether it's crackpot, visionary, or both. Here's the skinny:Anyway, it's supposed to solve all our carbon-generation problems. Unless this does! (Giant magnifying glasses -- I mean, "Concentrated Solar Power" -- in the Sahara.)

While I can't assess the validity of ideas like this, they do keep my pessismism over climate change to going to full-on, Bill McKibben-meets-commenter-at-the-Oil-Drum run for your lives mode.

UPDATE: More on the mirrors (or is it? As I confess in comments, I'm out of my depth) here.


Engineer-Poet said...

Don't take my word for whether it will work or not.  Follow the links.  Ask for my spreadsheet (OpenOffice) and go through it.

Either the facts support it, or they don't.

Delicious said...

I know, but as soon as you say "spreadsheet" I'm already like the dog in The Far Side (this innumeracy is why writers get screwed). I'm not a hyphenate like the Engineer-Poet. Unless it's Lardass-Poet.